Pharmaceutical Industry

What is Medicine?

A medicine is a chemical substance used in diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of disease. Medicine can be classified in various terms such as

  • Antibiotics – It is a compond that slows down the growth of bacteria.
  • Antiseptic – It is a compund that prevents growth of germ near burn, cuts and wounds.
  • Analgesics – It is a compound that reduces pain (Painkillers).
  • Antimalarial – It is a compound that is used for treating Malaria.
  • Antipyretics – It is a compound for reducing fever (pyresis).

What are the Patent Drugs?

Patent Drugs are those drugs whose patent are registered for a period of time, normally 20 years. Patent Drugs are the drugs which become patent after approval by FDA (Food and Drug Administrator) Several clinical trials are conducted for over a period of time for drug to be approved and become patent.

What are the Generic Drugs?

Generic Drugs are those drugs which are marketed under its chemical name without advertising. Generic Drugs are subject to regulations of the Government of countries. Generic drugs contains the same active ingridients as the original formulation.

The best part about generic drugs are that they are sold for lower price than their competition.

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