PCD Pharma Companies- Scope & Future



“The business of distribution of goods or Agency / Dealerships has always been taken as a respectable business. And so, distribution of Medicines/ Pharmaceuticals has emerged as one of the most favored business during the years. This business has been favored by the younger generation in particular.”

PCD Pharma Companies

There is yet another type of Distribution Work; popularly known as Propaganda Distributors or PCD in short. Propaganda Distributors take up the responsibility of Brand Building of the product in their allotted area or the Region. However, PCD Companies get the necessary publicity materials from the manufacturers. They are responsible for creating fresh market for the product, making it popular and increase their share in that segment in their areas.

Scope of PCD Pharma Companies

PCD Pharma Companies have a very bright scope in the Indian market. The main factors behind the ill-health of the mass population, & in support of PCD Pharma Companies can be short-listed as under;

· Extensively large population and that too, increasing day by day

· Major chunk of Indian Population is below an average middle class or poor, & not getting proper nutritious diet

· A large number of Indian families are living in the slum areas, as such, are more prone to diseases. · Most of the families get impure & polluted drinking water discharged by the factories, even containing dangerous & health hazard chemicals. This results in the ill-health of the people.

· Most of the Indian farmers are lesser educated. They are not able to read or properly understand the instructions for using the pesticides, chemical fertilizers or chemicals used for ripening the fruit, storing the food grains etc. Normally they use these chemicals in excess than actually required or instructed by the Govt. Agencies.

Economic Factors That Favour The PCD Pharma Companies

Their are certain economic factors as well, that favour the PCD Pharma Companies. These can be short-listed as under;

· During the recent past, India has emerged as a hub of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies. · There are not much restrictions by the State or Union Govt. for carrying the business of Pharma Wholesale Distribution or forming PCD Pharma Companies. · Besides catering to the requirements of the wide domestic market, Indian Pharma Products are exported across the globe. PCD Pharma Companies can play an active role in this area as well. · In the recent years, demand for India Herbal & Ayurvedic Medicines has increased to many folds. This has opened a new gateway for the PCD Pharma Companies.

“ PCD Pharma Companies is one of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies in Chandigarh. PCD Pharma Companies offer a wide range of over 300 world-class pharmaceuticals/ pharma products. The entire range of the products is manufactured only in GMP certified units. Our range of products includes Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Dry Syrup, Injection, Cream, Protein powder and the range goes on and on. We have a well-developed infrastructure in Industrial Business Park of Chandigarh to meet our customers’ requirement.”